Beroun Call to action 2013

Greetings from Beroun, Czech Republic.

Let me invite you to come and take part in the international conference to support a ban on fracking in Europe and to form a worldwide coalition against fracking.

Beroun is one of the original Czech royal towns and its history goes back to a first written note from 1265 A.D.

Our town is located about 18 miles from Prague, our capital city, which is a really strategic position.

At present we have a population of about 19,000 and offer a very rich infrastructure: sport, culture, school system and most important – a wonderful landscape and surroundings. The last mentioned is something we are extremely proud of. This is also the area where one of the most beautiful castles in the world, Karlštejn, is located.

Now that fracking ideas, plans and greed have reached our country, and in the past year almost touched our homes, there are really many of us who are ready to fight for our natural and cultural heritage to preserve it for our children and further generations.

You are kindly invited on the 6th – 8th March to join our „Beroun Call to Action 2013“.

It is a great honour that Beroun can host such an important event.

Come to share your experiences and knowledge about fracking with us,

come to support the European efforts,

come to help unite the ideas worldwide!

See you then!

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Beroun Call to Action 2013 – Czech Republic

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