Začala v Evropě otevřená válka o břidlice?

Ozvěny násilného prosazování těžby břidličných plynů v obci Pungesti v Rumunsku se rozléhají napříč Evropou.  Akce na podporu vesničanů, kteří si chrání svou vodu a půdu, jsou plánovány před rumunskými ambasádami v mnoha metropolích. Petici za jeden jediný den podepsalo 13 000 lidí.…

Aktivisté z Francie hovoří o otevřené válce a v níže přiloženém dopise shrnují události a vyzývají k dialogu s politiky, kteří mohou pomoci k řešení situace:

The Fracking Wars: Have They Already Started in Europe?

In the middle of the night of the 2nd of December, hundreds of anti-riot
police from across Romania descended upon the resistance camp at
Pungesti, Romania. The camp, set up on private lands, was called to
resist Chevrons plans to drill for shale gas in the area.

Occupants of the camp, including women, old people and children, were
either arrested or pursued with such an extreme violence as to leave
some people in need of emergency medical attention and to spread terror
across the camp and nearby village.

Those released in the morning were fined. According to our most recent
source, two of the protesters face criminal charges.

The roads are currently blocked with the entire area being placed under
a special intervention order, preventing any media access. As events
took place during the night, it was difficult to film and document the
violence that took place.

During this time the police engaged in a campaign of disinformation,
criminalizing those who opposed the drilling whilst allowing for the
delivery of drilling equipment under tight security.

Last October 16th clashes took place that left many of the villages
residents injured, forcing Chevron to suspend their on-site activities.
Why are the people of Pungesti witnessing yet more violent crackdowns?
In essence, this multinational, the single-biggest contributor to
greenhouse gas emissions in the world is after yet more profits
drilling the shale plays of the Pungesti region, despite a complete lack
of social license.

How is this multinational able to get away with employing such violence
against citizens, all with the support of the government of an EU member
state? Do these people no longer have the right to life because they
live over potential hydrocarbon reserves? Are Chevrons profits more
important that the lives of all those who live in the region?

The impunity of multinationals is completely unacceptable and must be
condemned. The men, women and children of Pungesti have every right to
refuse drilling given the multiple reported impacts of shale gas and oil
and that fracking has been shown to fail to deliver on its promises to
either generate jobs or raise living standards.

We demand our elected representatives: MEPs, MPs, senators, local
governors and to our diplomats, to take a strong stand against such
behaviour and to demand the Europe Union to intervene and bring an end
to this unacceptable situation.

The French Collectives NO to shale and coal gas and oil
NO to extreme energies
Neither here nor elsewhere, neither today nor tomorrow.

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