Aktualizováno: Násilí a bouře v Rumunsku

V posledních týdnech přicházejí z Rumunska čím dál tím více znepokojující zprávy. Obyvatelé obce Pungesti se postavili na odpor proti plánům firmy Chevron těžit břidličný plyn. Firma se spojila s represivními složkami státu a rozhodla se prosadit své zájmy silou. Podle neověřených osobních svědectví došlo z noci na 2. prosince 2013 k brutálnímu zákroku.

Pod rouškou noci, ve tři hodiny ráno, zaútočilo více jak 500 ozbrojených policistů na stanový tábor protestujících. Není zřejmé, k čemu všemu došlo, protože policie oblast izolovala ploty postavenými proti vůli majitelů pozemků, vyhlásila zákaz vycházení a zakázala přístup novinářům. Zřejmé však je, že zájmy nadnárodní firmy jsou policii přednější, než práva obavatel.

Na podporu protestů v Pungesti vznikla petice, ke které se prosím připojte:


Emaily z Pungesti jsou seřazené níže od nejnovějšího po nejstarší:

3. prosince 2013

Dear all,
This is an update from the people from the camp, from today, 11. am
Just talked with Zîna Domintean, who was brutally arrested yesterday morning (and then released, but on whose name 2 files were opened), during the military police raid on the AntiFracking resistence camp. She is back, and relates : „We are under undeclared martial law !!! Military police still blocks ALL access roads to the town. So far 20 people have been beaten up. There are patrols everywhere, all the time. Intimidating and threatening. They are forcing the little shops to close down, and intimidating anyone who tries to help us. Children cannot go to school, people cannot go to the doctor. Press access is strictly forbidden !!! Some locals report to have been beaten when going into their own forest to get firewood. It’s like living under war occupation ! Please HELP, and share this  !!!
The people were all released meanwhile, but all have been fined with various amounts, according to no criteria (raging from 200 ron – some 50 euro to 1500 ron – some 370 euro, which is pretty much of a monthly salary). I repeat, they were lifted from a private property where the camp is installed, which has nothing to do with the land leased bu Chevron (based on an abusive ownership paper of the land of the Pungesti Mayor, now facing prossecution by the only still standing institution defending to some degree the concept of justice in Romania).
Updates from Bucharest.
Furthermore, the people took to the streets last night in Bucharest in solidarity with Pungesti but mostly against the government, asking it to resign (the Pungesti event came just to fill the glass of a never ending list of abuses and decisions taken against the interest of the people and constantly defying the public opinion and the social dialogue), in a spontaneous march. As usual in the last months, to dissuade protesters to take to the streets, the riot police asked the protesters to show documents and will fine them. So far there are piles and piles of abusive fines, as the people are peacefully protesting and the law is allowing for protests in front of public institutions, as long as people block no roads.
Here is a film of the events last night. People are asking the government to resign, chanting: Shame on you, Romania, police state, Solidarity, United, we save whole Romania, Ponta (the PM), the betrayers of Romania, Ponta, you won’t hold on, not even with thousands of securists (those working for the State Security – the Securitate, known as the most repressive repression body in the former communist block), Nowhere justice, everywhere police! Pungesti, don’t forget, we’re all with you!
The media outlets and especially the news channels have biased the report on the events, holding the story of the riot police for the right one. There was barely any coverage of the spontaneous protests last night.
Furthermore, today morning, no media was allowed to enter the area where the camp was. Only later they allowed some „court“ media outlets (favourable to the government) to enter the camp, but separately, not all together. France Press has a envoye there, but he’s not a reporter, he’s a photographer, who sneaked inside the camp. International media presence there is highly needed there. It will prevent a bit the huge abuses that are being done (the riot police even went to schools to threaten kids that they will be sanctioned with bad marks if they don’t tell their parents to be in favour of the project and stop protesting.)
Please share this! Also to human rights bodies you are familiar with!
The Romanian people need your support, it’s not only about fracking right now, it’s about basic democratic rights, freedom of expression and human rights.
Thank you all for your help and solidarity,

2. prosince 2013

Dear all,
a nightmare, hellish night for the Romanians!
As I was announcing last night, the expected intervention happened. KGB is officially back!  it’s an incredible atmosphere here for 3 hours, sorry my incoherence, i have not slept one hour!
Please bear in mind that these people were all very peacefull!
Incredible scenes happened here and still hapen! The people were beaten up alltogether (females, elderly, children), ambulances having taken the people to hospitals, people arrested, cars and horse carts were bumped by the riot police and turned upside down. It’s a militarised area!
The whole mobilisation started at 3 o’clock, when more than 1000 riot policemen were mobilised from different parts of the county, unlike so far (from one single location). They are from all over Romania, unlike the intervention on the 16th of October, when they were from the same county. Now it’s almost 9 am and the situation is still ongoing!
No press was there when these incredible abuses have been made, so there was no coverage with images. It was dark and impossibile to film (accordning to the law, the riot police has no right to intervene before 7 am).
Now there is France TV there and some televisions, but most are from those sold ones, who are trying to convince the audience that the riot police intervened because the people were violent and blocking the road (the riot police has blocked the sides of the roads with fences from the very beginning) and try to minimise the numbers. There was an intervention of the speaker of the Romanian Riot Police who said that Pungesti was declared area of special intervention, this is why it all happened and justified the fact that there is no press by the fact that they wanted to prevent any incidents to happen!!!
Furthermore, the riot police is trying to persuade the people that the project is good, that it will create jobs!!!
Urgend help is needed! Activists and press should come down here! It is no game anymore, we are at war here! Soon images will follow (what was possible to film in the dark), it was very hard to cover the event, as there were no PCs, just phone, yet we managed to broadcast TV coverage through an online broadcast channel http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tv-pungesti
Currently, 8.48 am in Romania, very few people are at the camp, as most of them were taken by the riot police with their trucks.
Romania is officially a dictatorship! please, spread the word in the whole world!
Come down here, if you can, or send the international press! It’s the only thing they are now afraid of!
Please read the email down as well, it’s written by another Romanian activist, Diana Iftofi,
Please spread the word!!
Latest developments in Pungesti:
45 vehicles were warming up this night and around 5AM they were on their way to Pungesti where the people in the resistance camp were preparing for the worst.
No more than 100 people were in the resistance camp when the heavy machinery, more than 500 riot police officers, ambulances, police officers and private guards entered the area.
Large fences were erected on private property with the owner screaming at them that what they are doing is illegal. The riot police isolated the area. The officers, equiped for war against peaceful protesters, blocked the roads, blocked any communication with the outside and martial law is applied in the village, you could even say!!! Local people are not allowed to leave their yards
Members of the press tried to reach the resistance camp but were not allowed and were refered to a press information centre in the village, where nobody would give out any information on the intervention.
 A man, the same man who had health problems the last time, has been taken with an ambulance, after he was pulled out of a car, beaten and left on the street (Mr Spiridon, former mayor and opinion leader in the community).
Other activists, the most proeminent figures were immediately isolated from the rest, taken to the police vans and detained with no justification!
The local authorities are completely silent, the spokeperson for the local riot police refuses to come out with a public statement. The riot police are a military force, they are equiped with weapons, gas and applying a logic of war.
 It is hard to believe that such a thing could happen in this day of age. The people are determined to resist and are actually more determined than ever to put an end to any exploitation in the area. The heavy machinery is getting ready to enter the fied, put up fences.
This is a local newspaper where you can find updates, maybe you can autotranslate the page:
The resistance camp is holding on and will carry on, We now have proof of a complete disregard of human rights and rule of law in ROmania, if we still needed one. This might just as well be the beginning of the end for the Government.
The intervention has completely disrupted life in the community. Children are standing on the streets with their schoolbags, people are all nervous and scared, nobody informed them of anything and they are all alarmed but peaceful.
Thank you for your support!

1. prosince 2013

Dear international fracktivists and friends of Romania ,

I would like to share with you an information I got 2 hours ago about the antifracking camp in Pungesti , NE Romania , which was set up on the 14th October 2013. 
For the last month and a half, he authorities are playing mice and cats with the people there, after the intervention in force on the 16th of October, when 3 people were injured. Meanwhile, there have been 2 false alarms that they will intervene again, just to wear off the people and make them not pay any attention to the real alert, when it will come. 

Last week, on the 27th of November, they mobilised the riot police, the police and some ambulances in the area, the people gathered there and made a human chain, and they withdrew after a short while (stating it was a „regular“ exercise of the riot police) but the people already spread the news on the internet, so they were afraid to intervene, after all. 

Now, the bottom line is that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, (most probably tomorrow early in the morning) they will be intervening, according to our insider sources, with 700-800 riot policemen from another county, also because they want to prevent the potential ties between the locals with the riot police in the county where Pungesti lies, thus softening the intervention. Furthermore, the sources say that they will be buzzing the signal, so that the people there cannot communicate with the outside world. In fact, what prevented the riot police from really using the most violent means during the intervention on the 16th of October was the fact that there was a very quick mobilisation of the people and of media, as well, who broadcast the clashes live, thus preventing the worst. So, this time they want to cut off this opportunity as well, by blurring the signal. 

So, as you can see, the situation might turn really bad in here, so if there is some possibility that you come down here asap, we would be very thankful. This is a psy-war the government is playing with the citizens of Romania . 

Please share this information to the media outlets you are in contact with! 
Any help highly appreciated!

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